The Respect Life Office now has prayer cards with Prayer for All Life available to those who are sick & homebound in your parish.  Please invite the sick & homebound of your parish to join your Respect Life group...share a prayer card, ask them to pray for the Respect Life work you will be doing.  Email the Respect Life Office to obtain the prayer cards.


We also have a Respect Life Prayer Team.  To be a part of this important work, please email the Respect Life Office for details.


Public Information & Education

Pastoral Care

  • Padua Communities Services through Catholic Charities — comprehensive and specialized care for children and adults with disabilities
  • Deaf Apostolate for the Archdiocese
  • St. Michael's Special School
  • God's Special Children
  • Handicapped Encounter Christ - retreat for physically disabled persons of all faiths Contact Peter (504) 421-1200 or Carol (504) 577-1415

  • Learning resources for those with special needs, including materials for sacramental preparation, are available from Loyola Press.  If you need any assistance navigating these wonderful resources, please email Barb McAtee in the Office of Religious Education.
  • Xavier Society for the Blind produces braille books on spiritual and religious topics, & provides braille catechetical textbooks for students in religious education courses & the Propers of the Sunday Mass. Email the Xavier Society for the Blind for more information or please call 212-473-7800.


Prayer & Worship

Prayer for those with Disabilities:
Lord Jesus Christ,  You know the pain of brokenness, You took our weaknesses upon Your shoulders and bore it to the wood of the cross. Hear our prayers for our brothers and sisters whose bodies fail them and whose minds are crippled by the ravages of disease. Implant a love for them deep within our hearts, that we, disfigured and disabled by our sin, may treasure and nurture the gifts of their lives. May we find You in their weakness, and console You in our care for them. For You are Lord, forever and ever.  Amen

Prayer for those with Disabilities (for younger children to pray):
Dear Jesus, sometimes people have problems that do not allow them to do everything that most people can do.  Help us to always remember that even though a person may not be able to move or think or do many things that they are still just as valuable to you and to us as everyone else.  May we always help those who are weaker or less able to do things both by our prayers and our actions whenever a person needs help.  Please protect those who are disabled or elderly in all that they do.  In Jesus' name we pray...Amen.

Prayer for Caregivers:
Healer of souls & comforter of the weary, help to lighten the burden of families who are caring for their sick loved ones.  Accompany them on their journey and ease their anxiety and fears. Surround them with the love and strength of others, so they may experience the healing presence of the communion of saints. We ask this through the intercession of Our Lady of Lourdes and in the name of your Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.


Church Teaching on Disabilities

From the USCCB’s Welcome and Justice for Persons with Disabilities:
“Defense of the right to life implies the defense of all other rights that enable the individual with the disability to achieve the fullest measure of personal development of which he or she is capable. These include the right to equal opportunity in education, in employment, in housing, and in health care, as well as the right to free access to public accommodations, facilities, and services.”