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Fetal  Development  

First Month After Conception

Your spiritually adopted baby has been quite active over the past month.  Already your baby is 10,000 bigger than at conception and has developed the foundations of his or her nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord, by the 20th day.  During the first 4 weeks, the baby's organs are starting to form.  The heart began to beat on the 22nd day and is pumping blood through the circulatory system.  The blood type may be different from the mother's.  Your baby is the most vulnerable during the next month to being aborted.  Pray that the Lord of Life might move the heart of this baby's mother to give him or her the most precious gift - the gift of life.

Third Month After Conception

Your baby is quite active in the womb now, although the mother won't feel his or her movements for another couple of months.  If the mother's womb had a window, you could watch your spiritually adopted baby squint, swallow, and move his or her tongue.  Vocal cords are now present, but sound can't be produced yet because of the watery environment.  The baby can make a fist if you touch his or her palm, as the skin is very sensitive and reflexes are developing.  It is also now distinguishable whether the baby is a boy or a girl, though it's usually a few more weeks before a doctor can determine this with an ultrasound image.  The baby is breathing fluid, which will continue until birth.  The needed oxygen is obtained through the umbilical cord.  The baby you are praying for now weighs about 1 ounce.  What a miracle this baby is!

Fifth Month After Conception

Your spiritually adopted baby's weight is up to 1 pound, and he or she is now big enough for the mother to feel movement.  Although the baby has already been moving around in the mother's womb, it wasn't until now that this baby became big and strong enough for the mother to feel hi or her movements such as kicking.  Hair and eyebrows are growing and visible by this time.  The baby can also recognize sounds of the mother, such as her voice, heartbeat, and breathing.  Though not yet born, this baby now has phases of sleeping and waking and may prefer a favorite sleeping position.  We are midway through the pregnancy now.  Your prayers have helped your baby's mother continue with her pregnancy and seek the help she needs.

Seventh Month After Conception

Your spiritually adopted baby continues to grow and mature.  Brain waves, though already detectable for over five months, now resemble those of a full-term baby.  This baby's brain is also now capable of controlling his or her own body temperature.  In addition, your baby's bones are strengthening more, and he or she is putting on weight more quickly.  The extra fat will improve insulation and provide an energy reserve for the baby following birth.  Though birth is not far off, please keep praying for your spiritually adopted baby and his or her mother.



Second Month After Conception

Your baby is making tremendous progress in his or her development.  The brain is functioning more and the baby can move his or her muscles.  The mother can hear the heartbeat through an ultrasonic stethoscope.  The taste buds are beginning to form and milk teeth buds are present at 6 1/2 weeks.  At the gestational age of 2 months, a developing baby is able to suck his or her thumb.  The baby is just over 1 inch long but has unquestionably human characteristics.  Incredibly, the end of the 8th week, all of the major organ systems have been established.  Your spiritually adopted baby has developed the essential internal and external features needed to survive after birth and just needs to grow and  be refined.  Please remember to keep your spiritually adopted baby and his or her mother in your prayers.

Fourth Month After Conception

Well, your baby now weighs about 5 ounces and is between 6 and 7 inches long.  He or she has developing fingernails and eyelashes, and already has unique fingerprints, which will remain the same for the rest of the baby's life.  The taste buds are now working, and the sense of hearing is present and developing at 14 weeks.  Growth at this time is very rapid.  Your spiritually adopted baby is well formed internally and externally.  All that is needed now is time to mature, gain weight, and grow stronger.  Please remember to keep this baby and his or her mother in your daily prayers.

Sixth Month After Conception

Your spiritually adopted baby's development continues to be quite amazing.  His or her weight is approaching 2 pounds.  At this point, the baby's eyes are open and can respond to light.  Also, eyelashes, eyebrows, and fingernails have grown enough to be easily seen.  Babies born prematurely at this time have a very good chance of surviving.  The medical advances in caring for extremely small newborn infants are extraordinary indeed.  In just three short months, your spiritually adopted baby will be born.  Please continue to remember him or her in your daily prayers.

Eighth Month After Conception

You're in the homestretch with your spiritually adopted baby.  All of the organs that were developed by the 8th week are now basically completely formed.  The baby is just gaining weight now and making the mother uncomfortable with his or her size.  An interesting detail about this time of development is that the eyes are usually blue, regardless of the permanent color.  The final formation of eye pigment or color usually happens a few weeks after birth.  In a short time the baby will be born.  The mother has planned to bring him or her home, or place the baby for adoption.  Either way, she knows she can receive the assistance she needs from the Catholic Church and from crisis pregnancy centers.  The prayers you have said for this baby and his or her month have certainly been appreciated and helpful.  It hasn't been easy, but your prayers have given the baby's mother the grace to seek the help she has needed throughout the pregnancy.


Your spiritually adopted baby was born this month - nine months after conception occurred.  The only change at birth is that the baby is no longer receiving life support through the umbilical cord.  That is, the baby is no different than before birth except that he or she is now breathing air as we do and needs feeding and nurturing.  This baby is truly a miracle.  He or she began as a 46 chromosome cell and has developed over the past nine months into this unique human baby.  Never before in history, nor ever again, will anyone e4xist who is just like your spiritually adopted baby.  Your prayers have helped to save this baby's life.  Thank you, on behalf of all the little babies that you cared enough to pray for this little one and his or her mother.

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