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There is an old Hasidic tale told over and over and, as with all good stories, passed on from one generation to the next.

According to the tale, from the moment each of us is conceived and for the next nine months, God whispers to us all of the secrets of the universe.  While we grow in the womb of our mothers we hear how snowflakes are born and why they always have a six - sided shape.  We come to know rainbows and who it is who bends them and holds them tied to the earth.  We learn where it is that birds go when they fly so high that you can no longer see them, and why waves always come into the shore and never out.

For nine long months God tells each of what there is to know of His creation.  Then, after He has told us all, He shares with us one last secret -- that we are loved totally and completely by Him.  Having learned all there is to know we are then ready to be born into His world.  But in the process of being born, we forget all of the secrets we had learned, even the fact that our God loves us and is with us.  We then spend the rest of our lives trying to remember, to learn again, the secrets we know once before. 

Perhaps that is why we all are drawn to stories.  They are the quiet voice of a forgotten wisdom that culls us to discover again what we already know once before.

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