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August 2008
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Pro-Life Resolutions

1 Put a pro-life bumper sticker on my car.
2 Wear a "Precious-Feet Pin" - a great introduction to defend the unborn.
3 Get on the mailing list of New Orleans Right to Life.  Pay dues, support their efforts.  P.O. Box 24363, NOLA  70184.  Call 835-6520.
4. Support:  La. Pro-Life Council, P.O. Box 8807, Metairie  70011 Access Crisis Pregnancy Centers, 1510 Veterans Blvd. Metairie, LA 70005.
5. Say my Spiritual Adoption Prayer with greater fervor.  Introduce at least one friend to the prayer.
6 Next time I hear of someone's pregnancy, be reaffirming and give support to God's gift of new life.
7 Show pictures of developing unborn children to my children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.  Stress miracle of God's creation.
8 If I, or someone I know, is in one of these professions, make a call to join:  La. Lawyers for Life 834-5433.  Priests for Life - 835-9343 Catholic Physicians Guild - 282-3332.
9 Clean out baby items and save for my parish ACCESS Baby Shower
10 Find out more about the threat of Euthanasia and the danger of certain Living Wills.
11 Become a member of my Parish Respect Life Committee.  Sign up for a pro-life phone tree.  (835-2005)
12 Picket the largest abortion provider in Louisiana - Causeway Medical Suite with Catholic group.  Contact John and Pam Richard 455-3260.  Prayerful picket on 2nd  Saturday of every month from 7:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.
13 Participate in the Rosary Novena for Life on the last Saturday of each month.  Contact:  Helen Bezbak - 838-9379.
14 Fast one day a month in preparation for sins against human life.
15 Offer one rosary a week for pro-life intentions.  (Also see Pro-Life Rosary at
16 Volunteer with ACCESS - become a trained crisis pregnancy counselor (581-5433).  Urgent need for counselors.
17 Post Abortion Counseling & Rachel's Vineyard Retreats for post abortive women - contact Rhonda at 831-8620.  Confidential counseling.
18 Buy New Orleans Right to Life calendars in October - $5 each give as Christmas presents.
19 Donate used items to Second Glance Resale Shop (887-6070)  All profits benefit ACCESS.
20 Pray the Heart of Life Novena for 9 consecutive days to pray for an end to threats against human life.
21 Pray for our political leaders, that they may have the courage to protect life.
22 Grab every possible opportunity to speak up for the unborn, handicapped and elderly that can't defend themselves.
23 Purchase a "CHOOSE-LIFE" License plate - easy - use the web!
     Proceeds benefit crisis pregnancy centers and adoption organizations.
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