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August 2008
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  • PRAY that God will give our society a deep respect for all human life from the moment of conception until natural death.  Join others in your parish when there is a Holy Hour for Life.

  • If you are of high school or college age, GIVE PRO-LIFE BOOKS and brochures to your high school or college library.

  • BECOME INFORMED about the issue and share your knowledge with relatives, friends, and neighbors.

  • Volunteer to get more members for your parishes' PHONE TREE.  Enlist the help of a few of your friends to mobilize pro-life citizens to call or write their legislators on behalf of pro-life legislation.

  • OFFER TO SHARE YOUR HOME with an unwed mother.  Call Catholic Charities or your diocesan Pro-Life Office to provide a refuge for an unwed mothers who needs a place to live.

  • If your diocesan Pro-Life Office or pro-life citizen's organization is conducting a VOTER I.D. PROJECT, volunteer to make some phone calls for them.  Ask your parish pro-life coordinator for more information.

  • BECOME A FOSTER PARENT for newborn infants who are being adopted.  Call your Catholic Charities Office for more information.

  • Arrange a PRO-LIFE PRESENTATION for your Catholic group (Altar and Rosary Society meeting, Men's Club meeting, PTA meeting, etc.).  Ask your pro-life parish coordinator to assist you in finding a speaker or call your diocesan Pro-Life Office.

  • WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR of your local newspapers in response to articles and opinion pieces that endorse an anti-life position.

  • Join your parish PRO-LIFE COMMITTEE.  Volunteer your time to help with the pro-life activities in your parish.

  • VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME to help your diocesan Pro-Life Office with occasional large mailings.

  • DONATE baby clothes, formula, and disposable diapers to Catholic Charities or your local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

  • VOLUNTEER ONE EVENING a week with your local Crisis Pregnancy Center.  You will be trained to help those who come to the center with a crisis pregnancy.

For more information or to volunteer call 
your pro-life parish coordinator. 
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