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August 2008
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Proudly Pro-Life Week - Resource List


"You are Special" - Easton Publishing Company - Item 02 - 100/.20 each; 250@ .17/each; 500 @ .15/each - Easton Publishing Co. 888-635-0609 Fax 573-636-0545.

Spiritual Adoption - 9 month baby check-up and prayer - Available from the Respect Life Office 834-5433.

Poster - 2001 Respect Life Poster - $1.75 available from USCCB Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities 202/541-3070 or Fax 202/541-3054.

Life Before Birth Reprint - Lennart Nilsson photographs (1965) - some available in Respect Life Office or may be ordered from Victory Won:  Cost - 1@$3.25; 5 or more; $2.75/each; 10 or more $2.50; 50 or more $2.40.

For teacher education or volunteer parent:

"At the Crossroads" flyer - Item #9806 - available from the Respect Life Office or bulk order from USCCB Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities 202/541-3070.

"The First Nine Months' - Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family - Full color brochure - detailing fetal development - $.35/each - call 800/932-9123.

"Living the Gospel of Life:  A Challenge to American Catholics" - Item #9825 - $2.95 available from the USCCB Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities 202/541-3070 or fax 202/541-3054.

An excellent resource for prayers, articles, etc. (Priests for Life web site.)

Film Resources - K-8 (There are many other film resources available for High School - contact Peg Kenny at the Respect Life Office - 834-5433 or e-mail

"Let Me Live" - The Anthem of the Unborn Child by Pat Boone - 5 1/2 minutes - narrated by the baby in the womb - $10 Loaner copy at Respect Life Office, or for purchase from Pat Boone Enterprises, Los Angeles 310/858-0044 Charlie Shaw)

"How Babies Grow" - Hayes Publishing Co. 513/681-7559 or FAX 573/681-9298.  $24.95 - 10-minute presentation for pre-school to pre-teens.  A fully accurate scientific, easily understood showing and telling of the beautiful story of the growth of the baby from conception to birth.

"Preview of a Birth" - Easton Publishing Co. 888/635-0609 or FAX 573/636-0545.  Fascinating video chronicles the fetal development from conception to birth, with a full color view of lie within the womb.  This dynamic and medically accurate video is an excellent educational tool.  16 minutes - $39.95

Other materials:

Balloons - Item #BLN4 available from Victory 1 - 800/767-7258

Quantity:  10+      50+       100+         500+       1000+

        Price Each: .30       .25           .22            .19            .18

Button (Item B91) Celebrate Life - Victory Won - 800/767-7258

Quantity -      10+     50+     100+     250+     500+     1000+
          Price each -   .75      .55        .45       .40          .35          .30 

Fetal Models - 1st month through 7th month - Available for loan.  Contact Peg Kenny at the Archdiocesan Respect Life - 834-5433 or e-mail

Some Ideas To Get Your Started

Suggested Classroom/Whole School Activities:

  • "Celebrate Life" Mass for the entire student body

  • Invite each child to bring in a baby picture - create a collage for each class - to be displayed at the Celebrate Life whole school Mass.

  • Wear pins to Celebrate Life during this week

  • Begin Spiritual Adoption in conjunction with parish

  • Post developmental landmarks in classroom for Grades 4-8 and read each day

  • Parent for Live volunteer - Prayer each morning that week to the entire school over the intercom

Primary grades can participate by making a symbol large enough to be written on front and back with a hole punched for a ribbon or yarn string.  Create a "Tree of Life" for display in the school with the names of your spiritually adopted babies.  Use the scripture passage "I have called you by name, you are mine."  Each class 5-8 could spiritually adopt a boy baby and a girl baby - maybe use a naming contest.  Pray for these babies for 9 months ending in May with a baby shower with items costing under $2.00 to benefit ACCESS Crisis Pregnancy Centers, a program of Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of New Orleans ( a list of the most common items used in a layette will be provided).  Use the BABY CHECKUP each month to let the class know how their babies are growing.  The Spiritual adoption prayer and fetal development landmarks are available at the Respect Life Office 834-5433.

  • Balloons - for Celebrate Life Mass

  • Invite pregnant moms to participate in the Celebrate Life Mass by bringing up the gifts

  • Poster or essay contest for grades 5-8

  • Coloring Sheets for grades K-4

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