Respect Life Novenas

A special note on Spiritual Adoption:  Most of us interested in Respect Life work are familiar with Spiritual Adoption of the Unborn, which is a very important & necessary work. 

Prayer is always the most important work we do for any effort…everyone can pray…anytime…anywhere!

At any time you may chose to spiritually adopt & pray for any person…you do not need to know his or her name or the details of his or her situation.  God knows & He hears you!!  Consider spiritually adopting & for a period of time praying a novena or other prayers for...(click on each one for a novena suggestion -- under construction...please check back later if you don't see a link!)...

for those who are working to promote a Culture of Life

for those in public office

for all who turn a blind eye to the dignity of all human life


9 Days for Life (for the unborn)

one struggling with a difficult prenatal diagnosis

a woman in a crisis pregnancy


a victim of human trafficking

novena to St. Maria Goretti


one who is disabled

a caregiver


a woman struggling with infertility

one struggling with chastity

one struggling in marriage

one struggling with pornography

one struggling with same-sex attraction


for healing after an abortion


one who is elderly

for those with end of life issues & their caregivers

for one in a nursing home

one who is near death

a person in a persistent vegetative state


for the protection of religious liberty


a prisoner

one who is being released from prison

a victim of a crime

a family of one who is incarcerated

one on death row

one who is soon to be executed, his family, the victims, & the victims' families


for protection against experimentation & harm of embryos


for birth & adoptive families


prayer for peace

prayer to end violence

for migrants & refugees

an immigrant who is alone in a strange land