Educational Programs

Designed to be implemented in schools with grade levels K-8, or K-12.  Trained volunteer speakers meet with each grade level in their own classroom.  The respect life educational program is offered at no charge.

The program is outlined below:

Kindergarten, First and Second Grades 

"Let Me Live" - 5 1/2-minute film, VHS or 16 MM Format produced by Pat Boone.  Features In-Utero photography of the unborn child, with narration done by the baby.  The value taught at this level is that what is in the womb is a BABY, alive, human and growing from the moment of conception.  Speaker reinforces film message by speaking about uniqueness and specialness and the fact that God will never create another being just like them.  Abortion is never mentioned at this age level.  Fetal models are used as a teaching aid to give children "hands on" visuals of the actual growth of an unborn child in the womb.  Class time is approximately 20 minutes.

Third and Fourth Grade

"How Babies Grow" - 13 minutes VHS presentation narrated by Dr. Jack Willke and Barbara Willke, R.N.  This presentation goes a little more in-dept with fetal development and the fact that babies can be born prematurely and still live.  Speaker focuses on self-respect as a good way to respect others - whether they are like us or not.  Reinforces the fact that a baby is a human being from conception.  Again, abortion is never mentioned at this age level. Class time is approximately 30 minutes, depending on the number of questions asked.


Fifth and Sixth Grade

"Preview of a Birth" - 16 minute VHS presentation on fetal development produced by Georgia Nurses for Life through the Human Development Resource Council.  Fast paced and imaginative presentation creates a dynamic learning experience from 11-year-olds through adults.  Abortion is never mentioned in the film itself.  The classroom instruction explores the issue by presenting the basic facts and asking the class to look at an issue based on whether it is "right" because it is legal; class time permitting, the speaker also deals with sexual activity outside of marriage, and chastity as a do-able, positive, empowering force in their lives.  The speaker will also go briefly into puberty and the changes that take place, as well as the importance of making good decisions.  Fetal models are also used at this age level as a teaching tool for fetal development.  The speaker generally needs at least 45 minutes of class time because of the many questions the students pose to the speaker.


Seventh and Eighth Grade

"Window to the Womb" - Real-time Ultrasound of the unborn in the womb.  Class observes the unborn in their natal prenatal environment as they respond to touch, breathe, jump, yawn, swallow, and suck their thumbs.  Education again focuses on humanity of the unborn, with the same concepts as 5th and 6th graders with greater emphasis on chastity.  In the second year or as a follow-up either the next day or the next week, the film "No Second Chance" is presented.

Follow-up Video - Pro-Chastity education - 2 VHS format videos are available:

"No Second Chance" - 30 minute VHS California Health Care Advocates.  Addresses the AIDS issue with pointed clarity and accuracy.  Using interviews with the world's leading researchers in the field of Epidemiology and the teaching dynamics of Cathy Kay, this film presents facts, answers and solutions that teenagers will understand and respect.  It presents the one answer - CHASTITY - which will protect our young people from this terminal infection.  It has the answer that could save their lives, because with AIDS, there is no second chance.

"Sex, Lies and the Truth" - Dr. James Dobson & Focus on the Family - Explores the double messages being given to youth regarding sexuality.  Pro-chastity and pro-life.

There are several other films that can be used for Freshmen-Senior year that explore abortion in-depth. 

The Respect Life Program is designed to be taught in one day in the school and is a program that builds upon itself and is recommended for classroom use each year.  At each grade level, the speaker also talks about the importance of family, the cornerstone of our lives.  Oftentimes, these films will lead to more open discussion between children and their parents, as well as with children and their peers.  From fifth grade through high school, once the truth about abortion is taught, and the development that takes place in the womb, young people will be better prepared to counsel a friend toward a life-giving solution to a crisis pregnancy, and hopefully, will have better skills to help them avoid premature sexual activity.

I prefer to meet with parents at all grade levels in a Parent Information Night to go over what will be taught to their children on Respect Life Day in the school.  Time and equipment permitting, I also like parents to preview the films I will be using at each grade level.  This helps in several areas:  as an education to parents and secondly, helps parents to feel comfortable about the information being given to their children.


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