Natural Family Planning in the ArchdioceseENCOUNTERING JESUS, WITNESSING WITH JOY

Natural Family Planning

The Archdiocese of New Orleans offers hope for women of all ages (single or married) & couples with many options to learn about their fertility & God’s design…options that allow them to work with their bodies to understand their fertility, pinpoint problems including infertility, avoid a pregnancy, or achieve a pregnancy without introducing something outside God’s design…Natural Family Planning (NFP).

4 Methods are taught in the Archdiocese (scroll down to learn details on local classes)...


Creighton Model System

Family of the Americas

Couple to Couple League


Northwest Family Services — SymptoPro Fertility Education

The woman monitors her cervical mucus changes, her waking or resting temperature, & her cervix.  The couple then interprets the signs on a chart to identify their days of fertility or infertility.  This method helps a couple to either avoid or achieve a pregnancy.  

Visit the Northwest Family Services' website for more information

Learning the Northwest Family Services — Sympto-Pro Method:

Each class series consists of 3 classes lasting two to three hours classes that meet over the course of two months with a personalized follow-up appointment for those who are charting one month after the class series ends.  Currently there are 7 teachers Northshore & Southshore + 2 who are trained but currently functioning as support, 1 of whom speaks Spanish.

To schedule classes: contact the  Family Life Apostolate of the Archdiocese at 504-861-6243 or email


Creighton Model FertilityCare System

The woman or couple learns the very specific coding system & charting of biological markers related to the woman’s cervical mucus that identify when she is fertile or infertile.  These biological markers also identify abnormalities in a woman’s health.  This method includes NaProTECHNOLOGY for when health abnormalities are identified in order to restore a woman’s health & fertility, working cooperatively with her cycle.  The method aids a woman in monitoring her health, & it aids a couple in either avoiding or achieving a pregnancy.

Visit the Creighton Model FertilityCare System website

Learning the Creighton Model FertilityCare System:

Classes consist of an introductory group session with 8 individualized follow ups for the woman or couple in the first year…5 in the first 3 months & 3 over the course of 9 months, with more available as needed on an individualized basis.  The Creighton Model System further offers those struggling with infertility or other issues such as irregular cycles the ability to see a local medical consultants, one of whom is also a NaPro surgeon.  These physicians have NFP only practices that are faithful to Church teaching.


To schedule classes & for NaProTECHNOLOGY medical consultants or surgeon call:

On the Southshore — (3 teachers)

Hope Woman’s Clinic

3032 Ridgelake Drive | Suite 101

Metairie, LA 70002


Creighton Model System at Hope FertilityCare Center  

Additional services include infertility treatment, NaProTECHNOLOGY medical consultations, well woman visits, adolescent gynecology

Medical consultant — Susan P. Caldwell, M.D.


On the Northshore — (5 teachers including 1 Spanish teacher)

The Gianna Center of the Gulf South

71380 LA-21, Suite 101

Covington, La. 70433


Creighton Model System at the Gianna Center of the Gulf South

Additional services include infertility treatment, NaProTechnology medical & surgical consultations, obstetrics & gynecologic care, adolescent gynecology, well woman visits

Medical consultant/NaPro surgeon — Christine L. Cimo Hemphill, MD, CFCMC, FCI


Family of the Americas - Ovulation Method

The Ovulation Method is a method of natural family planning based on tracking the cervical secretion that appears regularly during a woman’s reproductive years and is a natural sign of fertility. The Family of the Americas model of the Ovulation Method includes a simple charting system that makes tracking the cycle accessible to any woman—with regular and irregular cycles—throughout all stages of her reproductive life, including breastfeeding and pre-menopausal. The method can also help couples achieve pregnancy.

Visit the Family of the Americas website to learn more

Learning the Family of the Americas method:

Instruction includes an introductory slide presentation and individual follow-up appointments until autonomy is attained. Materials include the instruction book, Love & Fertility by Mercedes Wilson, and the chart and accompanying stickers.  Currently there is 1 teacher on the Southshore only.

Family of the Americas at Hope FertilityCare Center

To schedule classes:  Email Maria Bruce at Woman's New Life Center 


Couple to Couple League — Sympto-Thermal Method

The couple cross checks daily 3 signs of fertility (cervical mucus, waking temperature, cervix changes).  These cross checked signs determine which phase of her cycle the woman is in.  The phase determines whether she is fertile or infertile.  Aids in both avoiding a pregnancy & achieving a pregnanc

Visit the Couple to Couple League website to learn more

Learning the Couple to Couple League — Sympto-Thermal Method:

The 3 classes last approximately 2 hours & are spaced one month apart; also available in an online format.  Currently there are 3 teachers on the Southshore only.

To schedule classes:  Register online at Couple to Couple League